Not many South Africans may be aware that government laws mandated in early 2012 that all new motor vehicles registered in the country will need to have microdot identification.  This aspect of the National Road Traffic Regulations affects not only new cars, but also used cars and re-registered cars that change hands.  While no other nation in the world requires microdots -- indeed, some nations have no laws at all regarding identity of vehicles -- the inclusion of microdots will make it possible to identify a vehicle while simultaneously making it impossible for thieves to change the identification.

How will the Association help with this new regulation? 
For starters, it will be necessary to ensure that all producers of microdots comply with the laws which ensure that any identification can be readily tracked by police.  The Association will monitor the production and fitting of microdots, ensuring that no persons with a criminal background apply these dots so that no vehicles have the potential to be corrupted.  The Association hopes to help customers understand why this microdot fitting is important, how it will safeguard their vehicle, and how the authorities will utilise this technology in order to track the identity of vehicles believed to be stolen or illegitimate.  

By integrating suppliers, partners, customers, fitters, and vehicle manufacturers, it is possible to bring together a complex organisation to streamline the process of providing secure fittings onto any car.  Metrics will be set up that help to monitor the performance of application and integration, so that it can be determined what areas of microdot technology implementation are pulling their weight and what need to be addressed.  Development of employee training and technology comprehension will help to minimise the chance of errors in microdot application as well as provide customers with the information they need to know about any aspect of this security feature.  Finally, the Association will help to provide guarantees on the application of microdots, so that the customers who invest in this technology can be certain that their money is well-spent, and that any liabilities are covered.

What does this mean for you?
Car theft in South Africa represents a serious concern for owners and potential owners, as well as businesses, insurance providers, and law enforcement.  Anyone interested in purchasing a new car needs to know that the government has mandated the usage of microdots in order to combat the rash of car theft across the entire nation.  Rather than allowing different companies and organisations to apply these microdots in different fashions, with different standards of safety and efficiency, the Microdot Association of Southern Africa has come together to ensure the highest quality end product for users.  Any South African who purchases a car with microdots should have the peace of mind that their vehicle may be quickly and easily identified in the event that a thief steals the car.  The Association hopes to work in conjunction with other companies and government offices to lower the rate of car theft in South Africa permanently.