About Us

The Microdot Association of Southern Africa was formed in December of 2012 in order to generate a national platform for issues related to the application and utility of microdots for any and all vehicles in South Africa.  This measure, intended to bring a halt to the theft that makes South African vehicle ownership a risk, will bring together all parts of the economy and manufacturing sector that deals with the production, distribution, and control of microdots.  In order to provide service for manufacturers, importers, fitters, and distributors, the Microdot Association of Southern Africa will create one thousand different fitment centres with the appropriate number of employees.  

The Association is a Section 21 company, meaning that it is not-for profit.  Rather, the individual industries themselves have come together in order to form a comprehensive business unit.  These industries include

  • DataDot
  • Holomatrix
  • Recoveri Tag What's Yours

These companies will provide representatives who will constitute the Association's board of directors.  With this extensive background, it will be possible to include participants of many different industries and roles.  Going forward, the Association hopes to include representations from the Business Against Crime, the South Africa Police Service, the South Africa Insurance Crime Bureau, the Motor Vehicle Safety Association, and the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers.  

Going forward, the Association hopes to develop agendas that include, but are not limited to, determining a long-term purpose and mission statement, determining criteria for membership, the quality of microdot fittings, dispute resolution, and continuing professional relationships with existing committee members and extending invitations to new organisations.  Since there are no fees or dues associated with joining the Association, it is believed that many other companies and organisations will be willing to participate in practices and methods.  

With one thousand planned facilities for Association-approved microdot application, South African citizens will be able to make sure that their vehicle conforms to the standards and safety protocols set down by the government, regardless of their location.  Whether you live in in a large city like Johannesburg and Cape Town with a higher risk of auto theft, or whether you live in a remote area where the chance of recovery is lower, the Association hopes to help all South Africans to recover stolen vehicles.  More importantly, this conglomerate of microdot producers and distributors will work to improve the quality of their product to the point where potential car thieves will be deterred from every committing a crime, simply because of the efficiency of the microdot identification process.  While the rate of car theft in the nation has been dropping, it still remains far too high for any person who wishes to own and operate their automobile in peace.  The Association looks to take steps towards fighting this social ill and restoring the country's automobile ownership to safe and secure levels.